NFT project on SOLANA that will make connection between mythological character “YETI” and human being.








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About Us

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Only 777 uniquely generated YetiArmy on SOLANA Blockchain. They will be sold for 0.99 each and you can adopt one of them on Nov 6. Head over to Mint Now page to know exact time of sale so you won’t miss to mint one of yours. We are team of blockchain enthusiast who want to uncover the mythological character called YETI. We have come up with good storyline and will be printing comic book out of it.


You guys might ask why only 777 YetiArmy NFT where everyone is selling 10K+ and being sold out? We want to do two drops and many subsequent drop rather than running/leaving project after collecting millions in first drop.

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Rarity and Speces

The Yeti Clan were divided into FOUR tribes and were ruled by the Rainbowflake tribe a rare breed of yetis with mixed color furs that shimmered both in the sun and in the night. The Rainbowflake tribe’s symbol of power was a Golden AXE called the axe of life. Other three tribes are Snowflake, Yellowkin and Goldenfur tribe.

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Story Line

More parts coming...

Part I:The Great Apocalypse

While all humanity fought to prevent the Great Bang from happening, to preserve the human race at heavy costs, they couldn’t stop the inevitable. However, instead of wiping out all living beings in the world, the Great Bang discharged a green gas—dubbed as the Green Pollution—that improved primitive brains by a hundred percent, so that every animal that inhaled the gas became mutated and enabled them to use hundred per cent of their brains. All animals in every corner of the world, those in the sea or on land or in the air became smarter than the average human being. Even the smallest house rat was ninety per cent smarter than a human genius with all the academic and/or intellectual grades.

Five billion years after the first Big Bang which created all forms of life on earth, another Bang, nicknamed the Great Bang took place. Scientists predicted that the Great Bang would be the end of the world, wiping out all living creatures and creating a whole new world. According to the scientists, the Great Bang was coming as a radical correction to the fatally flawed creation of the Big Bang. But the scientists were only half-accurate with their theories.

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Stage One

  • Create concept of YetiArmies, Design Comic book story line and make 777 YetiArmies NFT.

Stage Two

  • Run first drop of YetiArmies collection of 777 NFTs as “Original Drop” which will act as pass for Free Mint for Future Drops. Print out COMIC book first series backing the Original Drop story.

Stage Three

  • After completion of Original Drop, start designing 3D of YetiArmies that will be called as “Mutation Drop”.

Stage Four

  • Run Mutation Drop with 7,777 Mutated YetiArmies NFT collection. 777 of them will be dropped for FREE to Original Drop holders.

Stage Five

  • Design RPG gaming platform where your NFT will act as entry pass and weapons of Yetis will define your power in the game.

The team behind yeti

The creative minds behind yeti army
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The Father of Yeti Army

Blockchain Developer,Master Mind
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Main Artist behind Yeti
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Full Stack Developer Team
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Literary queenie

Story Writer
Yeti investors team

Core Yetis

Team of 5 investors